My First Blog Post

The  roundtable reveals an exquisite tapestry woven snugly together with strands of extravagant hospitality and inclusivity.  The tapestry genuinely clothes the roundtable that is a smooth circular shape that promotes continuance.  The shape of the table is not abrupt or severe with angular corners or sharp points.  It is gracefully curved to draw all who sit at the table into oneness.  It encourages inclusion.  No one sits at the head of the table nor do they sit at the foot of the table.  Everyone is equally distant from the center.  The bulging rotund sphere signifies fullness, richness, plenty and breadth.  It upholds images of inclusivity and extravagant hospitality that knows no boundaries.

The local Native Hawaiian people have a keen sense of participating in conversations that encourage participation.  It promotes joint turn-taking during their conversations.  This characteristic speech event in the Hawaiian communities is known as talk story.  It is recognized as two or more individuals jointly overlapping or taking turns to narrate a story.  This is unlike the western culture where there is one speaker at a time telling a story.